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Andorra Digital was born with the vocation of contributing to the economic and social growth of the country through the introduction of digitization as a lever of transformation in both the public and private spheres.

Three pillars to encourage investment growth:








We promote the Andorra Digital Transformation Program

The Government, together with the Secretary of State for Digital Transformation and Strategic Projects, has drawn up a holistic transformation plan that includes the most important actions to be carried out over the next few years in terms of digitalisation.

What initiatives are included in the plan?



Development of digitization projects in the field of Health and Cybersecurity.

Optimització de processos

Process optimization

Particularly in the management of procedures for citizens.

Aproximació a l'entorn digital

Approach to the digital environment

By implementing measures to minimise the digital divide.


Comprehensive advice

Support for the digital growth of the business fabric (SMEs).

What benefits
will it bring?

  • Improvements in interaction with the administration.
  • Development of new opportunities for diversification and economic growth.
  • Resilience to cybercrime.
  • Promotion of the country's technological business fabric.

The 4 maxims of transformation


Webinar - Competències digitals

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